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We are excited to announce a new personalized care program created just for you. This new and optional Medicare-covered program will enable you to receive the personalized level of care you need between your regular office visits.

High Satisfaction 99% Participants satisfied (December ‘22 survey)
Improved Health 28% Reduction in Emergency Room visits for program participants
Healthcare Savings $4K The average Medicare saves per year by keeping you healthier

What is the cost?

There is a small fee for this service per standard Medicare co-payment schedules. However, most supplemental insurance or Medicaid plans (if you have one), cover all costs.


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Benefits of this program:

Access to a dedicated Registered Nurse

For monthly calls to help you identify your health goals and community resources that allow you to reach those goals, while keeping your provider updated on your progress.

Personalized Care Management

Assistance with any current and future medical challenges, like medication management and scheduling appointments.

Health Monitoring

Identify unexpected issues that might affect your health between office visits, and reduce the risk of unplanned hospitalizations.


Our RN Care Coaches ensure that you get the care you deserve and need.

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